Cat skull model

Model information

Created by3D Anatomy Studios
Structure(s)Cranium and mandible
ScalingAvailable at 1.25X, 1.5X, and 1.75X
Modeling methodBones and teeth were segmented from a micro CT scan of specimen L-CC:mamm:0001. Most structures were segmented only on side and then mirrored to create a bilaterally symmetrical model. Additions and refinements were made to the model by sculpting for ease of 3D printing. The turbinates were constructed entirely by sculpting as the actual turbinate structures are too thin for 3D printing at this scale.
Modeler(s)J.D. Laurence-Chasen, PhD; Aaron Olsen, PhD
Modeling softwareBlender
Model license© 3D Anatomy Studios
Data sourceMorphosource
Link to data
Data collected byMicro CT scanning
Scanned byCallie Crawford, PhD

Specimen information

TaxonomyAnimalia : Chordata : Mammalia : Carnivora : Felidae
Common nameHouse cat or Domestic cat
Latin nameFelis catus domestica
Specimen IDL-CC:mamm:0001
Tissue type(s)Skeletal only
From collectionPersonal Collection of Callie Crawford
Collection locationUnknown
Collection dateUnknown