Shark skull active learning kit

Move your students' learning beyond memorization with this active learning kit covering shark skeletal anatomy, cranial nerves, cranial muscles, jaw biomechanics, and more!

Our Dogfish Shark Skull Active Learning Kit is a kinetic, physical model of a dogfish shark skull (Squalus acanthias) designed to engage your students in higher order, active learning. Check out these freely available, open-source kit activities that will guide your students through core concepts in anatomy, development, biomechanics, and evolution.

Digital rendering of our dogfish shark skull active learning kit

We are currently accepting orders from educational institutions! To get a quote, please email us at letting us know how many kits you’d like to order and an ideal “deliver by” date. For more details on the kit, including pricing, check out this informational brochure (PDF).

For more details on how and why we developed this kit, please see the video below.