Dogfish skull model

Model information

Created by3D Anatomy Studios
Structure(s)Chondrocranium and brain
Modeling methodA photogrammetry scan was performed of the dissected skeletal elements 3DAS-ID00002 to obtain most of their outer surface structure. Most of the inner surface structure of the chondrocranium was obtained by segmenting a micro CT scan of 3DAS-ID00003. Additions and refinements were made to the skeletal element models by sculpting. The brain model was sculpted based on the hemisected brain of specimen 3DAS-ID00003 and dissection reference images.
Modeler(s)Aaron Olsen, PhD
Dissector(s)Aaron Olsen, PhD
Modeling softwareBlender
Model license© 3D Anatomy Studios
Data sourceMorphosource
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Data collected byPhotogrammetry, Micro CT scanning, Dissection
Scanned byBrown University Keck XROMM Core Facility

Specimen information

TaxonomyAnimalia : Chordata : Chondrichthyes : Squaliformes : Squalidae
Common nameSpiny dogfish shark
Latin nameSqualus acanthias
Specimen ID(s)3DAS-ID00002 and 3DAS-ID00003
Obtained fromDogfish 27+ Triple injection specimens purchased from Carolina Biological Supply in November 2020
Tissue type(s)Preserved whole specimen
From collection3D Anatomy Studios Specimen Collection
Collection locationUnknown
Collection dateUnknown