3D Anatomy Studios Logo

When we set out in 2021 to create our logo as 3D Anatomy Studios, we wanted a design that would represent our passion for hands-on learning of how organisms are built, of how they move, and of their wondrous anatomical diversity. We wanted an illustration based on anatomical elements, but since our products and services encompass such a diverse range of organisms we didn’t want the design to elicit an association with any particular species. And we wanted to integrate this illustration with a bright yet soothing spectrum of colors that would evoke emotions of joyful curiosity and intellectual stimulation.

After many rounds of ideation, rank-choice voting, iteration, and revision we created the logo shown above, a stylized front limb of a tetrapod (a four-limbed animal with a backbone, like ourselves) in five colors. The pattern of serial connection from a single bone (humerus), to two bones (radius or ulna), to a series of smaller cuboidal bones (carpals), to five elongated smaller bones (digits) is found in most tetrapods without being specific to any particular species, representing the taxonomic diversity of our work.

The way the elements slot together like a puzzle, represents our approach to using mind-engaging activities as a basis for learning. The representation of a limb itself represents our hands-on approach to both science and learning. And the progression of colors from dark purple from the base of the limb to a light orange or yellow at the spread digits recalls the illumination of a light or the spreading of an idea as a part of the learning process or shared from one learner to another. And most importantly, that we designed our logo ourselves with the active participation of all our members, represents our commitment to democratic design and the value of all our products: uniquely and deliberately crafted by us for you.

Illustrated by: Michael Fath, MS; Aaron Olsen, PhD

With input from: Callie Crawford, PhD; J.D. Laurence-Chasen, PhD; and Tim Sosa, PhD

Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

License: CC BY-NC-SA 3D Anatomy Studios