3D printed bird femur

In 2021, a paleontology and biomechanics researcher reached out to us. Her research focuses on using birds and other living animals to more accurately reconstruct how dinosaurs and other extinct animals moved. And the shapes of joint surfaces between bones and how two or more bones fit together at joints is key to understanding the power of her research. In just a couple of weeks, she was going to give a talk about her research and she wanted the attendees at her talk to be able to feel and manipulate bones in their hands so they would understand how they fit and moved together.

Within a week, we delivered her 3D printed three copies each of a bird femur, tibiotarsus, and fibula based on digital files that she sent to us (the 3D printed femur is shown in the image above). She chose to have these printed at a larger than life scale so that more details would be visible. This was not only a really fun project for us to work on, but exciting for us that our client was totally satisfied. Here’s what she had to say about her 3D prints:

“I ordered 3-D printed bird bones from 3D Anatomy Studios and experienced a friendly and responsive team, fast turnaround, and very competitive pricing for a high-quality product. Thanks so much; I’ll be back with more orders!”

-Dr. Armita Manafzadeh, PhD

3D printed by: Aaron Olsen, PhD

3D files from: Armita Manafzadeh, PhD

Software used: Blender to prepare files for 3D printing, PrusaSlicer to slice 3D models and generate gcode

License: CC BY-NC-SA 3D Anatomy Studios